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Dr McMahon

Dr Peter G McMahon first planted Seville Estate in 1972 and gave meticulous care and attention to his patients and to his winemaking and viticulture. In recognition, the Dr McMahon label deontes wines of meticulous effort and care.

Dr McMahon Shiraz is barrel fermented using 100% new oak. Left for around 70 days on skins and is 100% whole bunch/wild fermented.

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The making of Dr McMahon

Fruit was handpicked early morning into small buckets (with bunch selection done in the vineyard). The cool fruit is brought into the winery where it is placed directly into two new 500L barrels (no de-stemming – 100% whole bunch). The fruit is then left for around 60 days on skins during which wild fermentation and wild malolactic fermentation take place. The wine and must is then drained out and pressed directly back to one of the 500L barrels. The wine is then matured for 10-12 months then bottled using no fining or filtration. This wine is 100% whole bunch, 100% wild ferment, 100% wild MLF, 100% barrel fermented using 100% new oak.